Hackers Gonna Hack: Establishing Cyber Security Protocols For The Inevitable

Whether you're a Fortune 50 company or a small business, cyber criminals are attacking companies of all sizes and becoming more brazen and destructive as a result. The stats bare this out:

  • Cybercrime up 600% due To COVID-19 pandemic – even small businesses saw a 424% increase in cyberattacks last year
  • The average cost of an attack to small organizations was $7.68 million
  • 45% of SMBs say that their processes are ineffective at mitigating cyber attacks

In order to protect your business, it is important to put the right plans into place to minimize and mitigate a cyber attack while maintaining clear lines of communications with your employees, vendors, and stakeholders.

Join Filos Technology, a leading IT services provider, and Pocketstop, industry leading mass notification system company as they team up to discuss strategies companies must use to minimize cyber attacks while maintaining effective communication channels when they do occur.

During the live webinar, you will learn:

  • Key concepts to build a cybersecurity framework
  • Practical steps to build cyber resiliency through a defense
  • Operational lifecycle for cyber resiliency 
  • How to quickly establish clear lines of communication
  • Importance of utilizing a best in class multi-channel communication tool
  • How to easily gather real time feedback when communications systems are down 

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The Cybersecurity Problem

Josh Haselhorst has been designing and selling Advanced Technologies for 23 years. He began his career with IBM in 1996 and has worked for many VARs and Integrators as a Sales Rep as well as Pre-Sales engineer. Joshua Haselhorst has multiple advanced Certifications with Data Center Technologies, Voice, WAN/LAN, Networking, Routing, SDWAN and Theoretical Design.

Mr. Haselhorst is currently the dedicated Central Sales Engineer and Global SDWAN overlay for Filos with disciplines in Cybersecurity and SDWAN technologies.

Communicating When Your IT Systems Are Down

As the CEO of Pocketstop, Daniel Wagstaff defines the strategic direction of the business while identifying and managing key business opportunities. He founded the company to focus on solving an organization’s largest communications issues by using proven technologies in unique ways ensuring solutions are simple, efficient and delivering measurable business results.

Daniel has 20 years of diverse experience working with clients to ensure their internal communication strategy motivates and drives the desired behavior. Before Pocketstop, Daniel worked at Aerotek, the largest private recruiting firm in the world, leading business operations.