The Only Simple, Effective & Flexible Shopping Mall Marketing Solution You'll Ever Need

M360 is for any marketer who is dissatisfied with the costs of customer acquisition, lack of customer loyalty, and tools lacking the analytics to make better data-based decisions.



Instant Results

You’ll start seeing results the moment you launch a text message marketing campaign. 29% of recipients click on links in texts and 47% of those make a purchase.


User Friendly Platform

Initial setup takes only a few days, with no new hardware or development. Easy to learn with minimal training.


Powerful Mobile Tools

Send text messages, communicate, and gather insights from anywhere using any device. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to monitor activity at a glance.


Easily Capture New Leads

Build robust customer profiles for personalized, targeted messaging. As your database grows, you’ll enjoy higher return on your marketing investments.


Create Customer Loyalty

Build long-term loyalty with a 99% retention rate. This means you’ll be able to reduce your reliance on third-party advertising and other expensive customer acquisition.


Make Better Decisions

View detailed reports and compare campaign performance across all advertising mediums.

Standard Features

Improve Efficiency

  • Message auto-responder
  • Enhance customer engagement with emojis
  • Automated follow up messages
  • Random Winner selection
  • Broadcast scheduler
  • Segment recepients using data segmentation

Simple to Use Interface

  • Intuitive admin dashboard with mobile interface
  • iOS and Android app
  • Track and audit all notification activities in online reports
  • Message previewer

Increased Control

  • Personalized messaging (numerical code, name, etc.)
  • Create limited time offers with dynamic expiration dates
  • Database segmentation – send messages based on area code, keyword(s), and any profile data collected
  • Built-in URL shortening that also tracks clicks
  • Age gate
  • Set limits for digital coupon distribution
  • Ongoing profile data collection

IT Friendly

  • Seamlessly import data from other business systems and databases
  • World Class Data Security via the Azure Cloud
  • API integration extends the capabilities of your existing platform
  • Access To Over 60 wireless Carriers with Enterprise throughput

Best Reviewed SMS Marketing Software According to Gartner Capterra

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Capterra Highest Rated Alert Notification System-1

Companies in the U.S. and Canada Rely on Straightxt To Grow Their Bottom Line


Client Testimonials


Marketing Manager

"Our programs focus on driving traffic into over 900 retail locations. Leveraging Straightxt helped create loyalty and directly ring the register."


Marketing Executive

It’s a Marketing Trifecta: it makes the client happy, it works for the retailers, and is turnkey for the centers. Pocketstop’s text campaigns drive traffic, are affordable and no-nonsense.


Marketing VP

We have worked with Pocketstop for many years and are extremely happy with the performance they provide. We communicate to large groups of people daily and Pocketstop has never had any problems handling both the high volume and high frequency of our messages. Our systems are sync’d to ensure there is minimal extra effort and they are always responsive and available when we need them.